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We partner with major multinational brands to increase your growth and distribution potential.


We offer a $20,000+ investment in your startup so you can execute and scale.

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Right in the center of downtown, we provide office space where you can build, grow and connect with partners.

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Sparked Orange's interest? We'll take you to Paris, where you'll meet key executives at Orange and other brands.

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Do you have more than 100k Monthly Active Users?
Are you already working with a Global 500 company?
Have any of your co-founders had a prior exit?
Does your product/company have a TAM (total addressable market) of over 1 billion?
  • Office Space
    San Francisco

    Need space? You can move into Orange Silicon Valley's office in downtown San Francisco. Overlooking the Bay Bridge, the space provides ample conference rooms, a welcoming work space, and close proximity to top companies like Google, Amazon, Salesforce and Twilio. We might as well give you a pillow and mattress, because you're never going to want to leave.

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Orange Fab was a fantastic program providing us with the right connections to fast track our growth and fundraising.

Huan Ho, Co-founder of Rallyteam

Orange Fab will open doors & provide credibility in a global marketplace. Apply only if you're ready to take your company to the next level!

Adi Bittan, CEO of Ownerlistens
  • Edyn
    Season 1

    Edyn is a smartphone app and hardware soil probe that makes it easier for gardeners and small farmers to grow food sustainably.

    Edyn is now distributed at Home Depot.

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  • Emberlight
    Season 3

    Emberlight is building a home automation product that turns any light into a smart light. The device is a plug and play adapter that screws into your existing light socket, connects to your home WiFi network and enables you to control that light from anywhere in the world.

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  • TrackR
    Season 1

    TrackR uses proximity technology to help people keep track of their items. Using low power wireless sensors that work a iPhone or Android app, users can locate any item in seconds.

    TrackR raised $8.7 M in Series A funding in October 2015.

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  • The Apple Store shopping experience for retailers

  • Gamified recruiting platform

  • Power for the world’s 600 million off-grid mobile subscribers

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learn from mentors who have done it before

Our seasoned mentors personally work with our startups to help fundraise, design, and monetize their products.

  • Meet our mentors
    Mark Schulze

    Vice-President of Clover Network

    Where do we start? We are proud to say we are connected with some of the best and brightest experts and mentors in the Valley. We are grateful to have mentors like Mark Schulze who will optimize your product strategy and potential deal structure. Our accelerator program will allow for the most engaging experience with our know-it-alls: 1:1 advising, direct contact with mentors that best suit your needs, and relevant feedback from Orange executives in potential markets that interest you.

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we have a network of venture capitalists

Top Silicon Valley VCs spend time working with our startups to help them grow.

we work with amazing corporations

looking for the best and the brightest startups that will bring value to their products and services

  • Visa processes millions of transactions per day.
    How can your product work with Visa?

  • From selecting the finest ingredients to the final tasting experience,
    Moët Hennessy masters every stage of its product creation.
    How can your innovation enhance our excellence?

  • Fnac is looking for connected objects for their 148+ locations.
    Will yours be one of them?

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