• Edyn
    Season 1

    Edyn is a smartphone app and hardware soil probe that makes it easier for gardeners and small farmers to grow food sustainably.

    Edyn is now distributed at Home Depot.

  • Emberlight
    Season 3

    Emberlight is building a home automation product that turns any light into a smart light. The device is a plug and play adapter that screws into your existing light socket, connects to your home WiFi network and enables you to control that light from anywhere in the world.

  • TrackR
    Season 1

    TrackR uses proximity technology to help people keep track of their items. Using low power wireless sensors that work a iPhone or Android app, users can locate any item in seconds.

    TrackR raised $8.7 M in Series A funding in October 2015.

Big Data
Connected Objects
Emerging Markets
Financial Services
Human Resources
Media & Entertainment
Retail & E-commerce
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
  • gamify recruiting platform

  • cloud service to power voice, mobile, and video apps

  • safest content control & privacy for the cloud

  • affordable Pay-As-You-Go solar energy for the off-grid world

  • enabling women to effortlessly evaluate their fertility

  • shared-use mobility platform as service (SUMPAS)

  • making international payroll better

  • the full-stack for passively-collected personal data

  • behavioral analytics for fraud detection

  • smart garden sensor

  • smart lighting technology

  • deep learning machine intelligence in the cloud

  • comprehensive cloud-based ISP automation platform for emerging markets

  • power of the world's 600 million off-grid mobile subscribers

  • personal trainer for everyone

  • personal, sustainable energy products and brands

  • the Apple Store shopping experience for retailers

  • more affordable & more joyful care for our elders

  • a TV-gamifying platform

  • intelligent lighting for plants

  • bringing voice to the connected home

  • team chat service for companies

  • secure computation on encrypted data

  • a cloud storage platform

  • a personal medical assistant app

  • Edge cloud on open hardware

  • helps companies leverage cloud storage services to make email a more useful, efficient, and productive tool

  • personal display with the mission to connect people to their family and their home

  • real time customer service solutions over SMS and instant messaging

  • productive collaboration platform

  • monitoring and control for the modern home

  • smart mobile shopping

  • Creating energy harvesting technologies for powering portable electronics.

  • transform real time data streams into a feed of important events and patterns

  • the experience-oriented survey platform for the modern world

  • empowers a content-oriented model for monetizing end-user access on mobile devices

  • TARA is the on-demand team for your small business, an AI chat-bot hiring pre-screened experts to get your job done.

  • marrying data and creative to make video ads entertaining

  • connected tracker to find any lost item in seconds

  • call center software for SMBs

  • a voice messaging platform that gives kids a screen-free safe way to reach loved ones using connected toys

  • vacation rental search engine company

  • a marketplace for video production services

  • online identity verification service

  • Responsive energy intelligence platform for commercial facilities

  • On-demand staffing platform