frequently asked questions

What kind of startups are you looking for?

At Orange Fab, we focus on distribution and growth opportunities. As such, we like to see a developed product (or a solid beta) backed by an awesome team. We’re looking for startups with both a great product and demonstrated traction - external funding, existing clients or revenues, media coverage or successful completion of another accelerator program. For a bit more guidance, find below the different categories we and our partners are especially interested in. We’re always open to new ideas, however - so feel free to surprise us.

  • AdTech
  • Advanced Materials
  • Aerospace
  • Big Data
  • Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency
  • Cloud
  • Connected Objects
  • Connected Vehicle
  • Consumer Internet
  • Ecommerce & Mobile
  • Commerce
  • Emerging Markets
  • Energy
  • Enterprise
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Mobile
  • Payment / Financial Services
  • Retail Technology
  • Robotics / Drones / Automous Vehicles
  • Security
  • Virtual / Augmented Reality

What is the on-rolling application process?

Our on-rolling application process enables you to reach out to us as soon as you're ready, without having to wait for the next Orange Fab season. If your startup demonstrates enough traction and we see a clear fit with Orange and/or our corporate partners, your startup will be featured to the relevant corporations during one of our monthly review sessions.

Made a great impression with Orange, Hilton, Total, or VISA? Way to go! Besides increasing your chances of making it into Orange Fab, you will get an introduction to the corporation you wowed.

The final stage of the selection process consists in our Deep Dive sessions, where you get to pitch in front of our network of corporate partners and investors. Making it through that stage gets you a spot in the next batch of Orange Fab.

Note that the earlier you apply, the earlier you’ll be reviewed by our partners. The earlier you get reviewed by our partners, the more progress you can make with them. And the more progress you make with them… Well, you guessed it: the more chances you have of making it into our next batch.

Do I need to be in Silicon Valley for the entire program?

To ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of our accelerator, we strongly prefer teams based in the Bay Area. However, we will consider promising startups based elsewhere provided that you can attend our mentoring sessions and events.

What are the terms of the $20k funding opportunity?

We currently offer an optional $20k convertible note. The offer is subject to satisfaction of eligibility criteria, execution of our convertible note subscription agreement and for the current season participants only, during the term of the then current season. Orange Fab realizes that startups are in different stages of their development and funding, and there may not be a need for additional investment at the current time. We do not take equity beyond conversion of the $20K note - rather, our mission is to develop products and service that can benefit our customers, internal organization or those of our corporate partners, in turn giving us a competitive advantage across our global markets.

What role will Orange and its partners play?

Orange and its partners review and select the startups they anticipate having a potential partnership within the next 3 to 6 months. During the application process, we will ask you to choose a partner - from within Orange or our network of corporate partners - that you believe would be a good fit for your startup. This helps us to connect you to specific people in our network with relevant goals and interests. Throughout the 3-month program, partners will play an active role through visits from executive teams, mentoring sessions or further investment in specific startups. In addition to Orange executives, our startups experience the unique benefits of our industry-leading partner program, Fab Force.

Fab Force is our unique initiative connecting promising startups to corporations with a strategic interest in their product. In addition to working directly with Orange in the selection process, Fab Force partners provide additional mentoring and expertise to startups interested in growth and distribution opportunities in the near term. Fab Force includes representatives from the leading brands in the world, among them Visa, LG Electronics, Hilton, Fnac, Moët Hennessy, AXA, Airbus, Total and others. We’re constantly building our base of corporate partners in order to further broaden opportunities for growth for our startups.

What are the details of the Paris trip?

Those startups with a particularly strong product fit for Orange will be flown to Paris in order to meet with executives from Orange and relevant corporate partners who are based in Europe. If your startup is a match, this is an exceptional opportunity to initiate discussion with major corporations. Orange Fab will cover full expenses for one person per startup to go to France and present to our top decision makers and investors.

What is a typical week at Orange Fab?

You’ll attend mentoring sessions with top mentors, work on specific bottlenecks during one-and-one meetings and expand your network through events hosted by Orange Fab. We also make sure you have plenty of time to work on your own - that’s why we never organize more than two events per week. Throughout the program, we also frequently host visitors - from investors and partners to a range of industry experts - that we encourage you to meet, so it’s safe to say there is no typical week at Orange Fab.

Do you provide office space?

Yes. We share a beautiful two-story space with Orange Silicon Valley (Orange’s strategic Bay Area division), where you’ll encounter some of the world’s most exciting research, development and strategic analysis across the technology ecosystem, including a Gigabit Studio and numerous specialty programs. We’re located in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district, two blocks from the Ferry Building and steps away from Google, Amazon, Salesforce and Twilio. Come and visit us and you’ll find it hard to work at a better place.

Do I need to relocate my startup to Orange Silicon Valley’s workspace during the program?

No. If you already have an office, you’re still welcome to make use of our meeting rooms and to come by for assistance during open office hours.

How am I going to communicate with the executive and mentors that I’m paired-up with abroad?

Executives and mentors are available primarily through video conference or email. If selected for the Orange product batch, you’ll be able to meet them in person during Paris’s Demo Day and if they come to visit San Francisco. We also hold a private Demo Day in San Francisco featuring a large network of Silicon Valley VCs, Orange executives, our program partners and journalists. The San Francisco Demo Day takes generally place a month after the end of the program.

How many startups will be part of the program?

In order to provide the most mentorship and support, as well as offer a customized experience for each startup, we accept a limited number: anywhere from 6 to 15 at a time. However, as we continue to expand our network of mentors and corporate partners, our capacity may grow accordingly.

How much of my time do you require during the program?

We ask you to attend one weekly office hour (of 30-60 minutes) and one weekly networking event. We find that interactions with other entrepreneurs and mentors are a key to your company’s success. Plus, we have a lot of fun.

What special perks do you offer?

More than a portfolio, we live every season as a group. We are proud to provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where you’ll make lifelong connections with mentors and fellow entrepreneurs alike. That is why our mentoring sessions are held around a dinner. In addition to a beautiful office overlooking the Bay Bridge, you may also enjoy relaxed social time both on- and off-site around the Bay Area. Our startups also benefit from proximity with Orange Silicon Valley, which itself enjoys high-quality traffic from influencers across Silicon Valley and Europe, top investors and journalists. We encourage our startups to forge relationships with the greater Orange Silicon Valley community. We take good care of our startups - you’ll love your time with Orange Fab.

What does the Orange footprint look like?

Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, with 161,000 employees worldwide and a total customer base of more than 236 million. Present in 30 countries, Orange is also a leading provider of global IT and telecommunication services across broadband and mobile. Find out more.

I have a few more questions I need answered - what can I do?

We welcome you to attend one of our open houses, where you can get your questions answered in person. Please shoot us a note and we’ll notify you of upcoming events.